Yoga Classes to suit you

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS KUNDALINI YOGA ON ZOOM  7.30pm to 8.45pm £40 for 5 consecutive classes

MONDAY EVENINGS GENTLE MAT YOGA ON ZOOM  7.30pm to 8.40pm £40 for 5 consecutive classes

TUESDAY MORNINGS  SEATED YOGA ON ZOOM 11am to 12pm £20 for 4 consecutive classes

WEDNESDAY MORNINGS  SEATED YOGA ON ZOOM 11am to 12pm £20 for 4 consecutive classes

FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO BOOK contact Alison:  07801 988086  

As a very experienced teacher I especially welcome beginners to all classes, encouraging everyone to work at their own pace for an enjoyable and uplifting experience.

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Facebook iconI aim to make my classes enjoyable and inclusive so that you can learn the exercises and meditations at the pace that is right for you.  Classes are suitable for all levels of experience, whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner.  I guide you through the exercises so that you can work in the way that is right for you, offering alternative ways of approaching the exercises as appropriate.  With regular practice, you will begin to appreciate and develop your own potential and to make use of your improved strength, balance and self-knowledge in your daily life.

  • IS YOGA RIGHT FOR ME?  Yoga is for everyone!  No need to be “willowy” (slim and bendy) as portrayed in the media and advertising!  My Yoga Classes are all very accessible.  Beginners are always welcome.  I always encourage you to work at the pace that is right for you and I demonstrate adaptations to help you as needed.  The environment is non-competitive, uplifting and relaxing. 
  • IS ZOOM RIGHT FOR ME?   Since the April Covid19 lock-downs in the UK I have been teaching yoga on Zoom. My Zoom classes enable you to exercise safely in the comfort of your own home.  No need to install Zoom on your device I host and pay for Zoom and send you the link to join.  I offer test sessions to get you started!  To join a Zoom session you need a good internet connection, a PC / laptop /phone or ipad/tablet device.  I can be contacted by phone before class start time if you you have any difficulties joining.  
  • WHAT DO I WEAR AND BRING ALONG? Any comfortable loose clothing is suitable for example, track suit bottoms and a t shirt. Please have a warm blanket and warm socks for relaxation, and a non slip mat (a yoga mat or a wool / sheepskin rug is perfect but a comfortable carpet is fine). You may wish to have a drink of water handy too.


Classes typically include: breath work (pranayama), warm ups followed by an exercise set (Kriya), deep relaxation and meditation.  Class sets and meditations vary from week to week. 


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“Body is not all. Mind is not all. Spirit is not all. All three make the sense.”  YB